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Drop-In: $15 per class

*Excludes workshops and camps. Workshop rates vary and will depend on the instructor.

Performance Group and Class Hourly Rates (Per Month):

Class Rates (Per Month):

1 class per week = $60

2 classes per week = $100

3 classes per week = $130

4 classes per week = $150

5 classes per week (UNLIMITED) = $170

Private Lesson(s)

30 minutes = $30 each participant

1 hour = $60 each participant

Renting Studio for Private Event

$50 for the first hour an additional $25 after

Multiple Students

Families with multiple students enrolled will receive a 10% monthly tuition for the youngest dancer.

Insurance Fee

There will be an annual $30 insurance fee (registration fee) for each dancer enrolled.

Recital Tuition

For each recital there will be a fee to cover cost associated with the recital of $30, this is for each dancer enrolled.


Tuition is due the 1st day of the month, and invoices for the following month are passed out at the end of the previous month. Tuition must be paid before the 5th by check, money order, card or cash, to the studio location during class hours. Tuition not paid by the 5th of the month will be charged a $10.00 per month late fee. Please submit at the studio main desk or to the coach/instructor of your class. We do not offer make-up classes for classes missed. Please also note, tuition paid at the beginning of the month will not be refunded if the dancer decides to stop taking classes mid-month.

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